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First, to know how yeast infection can affect your periods, you should be aware of the facts. However, if you get your periods during the course of a yeast infection, it might amount to severe discomfort. One of the best ways of treating vaginal yeast infections is by applying anti-fungal creams on the designated area.
To prevent yeast infection in the vagina, avoid wearing tightly fitting clothes likes pants or shorts.
You must avoid the use of scented powders or tampons on and near the vaginal area as they contain chemicals that can upset the natural balance of good bacteria and several other micro-organisms in the vagina.
If you suffer from diabetes, try to manage your blood sugar levels to reduce the risk of yeast infection. There are chances that you may suffer from vaginal yeast infection due to antibiotics that you take.
It is very necessary to eat healthy and avoid stress if you wish to prevent vaginal yeast infection. I am 25 year old and I always have period only after inserting Anti fugue capsule for 1 or 2 days. A nice hairstyle can enhance your look and take it to the next level, but if you use commercially sold hair gels to style your hair, you put your tresses at the risk of damage.

Ayurveda can help in improving eyesight because it is a herbal remedy that incorporates the benefits reaped from herbs as well as dietary changes for overall health. Threading usually gives smooth, hairless skin, but sometimes, bacteria can infect hair follicles. Know the potential health worries that can hinder your sex life and take appropriate action to stop them from doing so. The fungus yeast tends to grow in moist areas of the human body, such as the area near the mouth and the genitals.
Your Diet can deal with Menopause - Menopause means that your body is going through major changes.
Although some people believe that yeast infection can cause delay in the menstrual cycle, there are no proven medical deductions confirming the same.
To begin with, periods bring in hormonal changes in the body which results in alteration of the pH of the vagina.
Although this is a simple and painless procedure generally, during periods, local application of the medication might turn out to be a messy affair.
A high blood glucose level due to a beyond-control diabetes can lead to all kinds of infections, including vaginal yeast infection.
Consult your physician about preventive antifungal therapy that you can take at the beginning till the end of your medication course.

Although there are no medical theories to confirm this but, there are many women who have said that eating sugar and beer in excess has triggered yeast infection in them. Therefore, factually, yeast infections are not known to be responsible in affecting the schedule of your monthly periods in any way.
Sharma, Gastroenterologist, Rockland Hospital, New Delhi, chocolates, especially the black chocolates are really good for your health. Although, internal medicines can also be administered for treating yeast infections, they are known to exhibit slow response. However, you can’t always avoid a yeast infection but you can lower the risk of catching it. Yeast needs moist environment to grow therefore, you must keep your body dry to prevent the infection. A yeast infection during this time can thus make it much more painful and difficult to manage.

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