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It’s usually caused by microorganisms (usually bacteria, including Staph and others, but also yeast, fungi and viruses may do the same). External irritation can be a cause (think long-term topical steroid use, tight clothing, untreated scratches or lacerations, improperly chlorinated hot tubs, whirlpools or swimming pools). Most cases of folliculitis, whether an inflammation or an infection, resolve in 1-2 weeks, assuming you don’t further irritate it to the point where a substantial skin infection sets in. If you have a vaginal yeast infection, you're most likely to experience itching in the vaginal area. Most women will have at least one vaginal yeast infection with symptoms at some point, and almost half will have two or more. Two-thirds of women who buy over-the-counter medication to treat a vaginal yeast infection don't have a yeast infection.

Certain medications -- including birth control pills, some antibiotics, and steroids -- can change the acidic balance of the vagina and encourage the growth of yeast, which can lead to a vaginal infection.
Menopause causes hormonal changes, which can affect the balance of yeast or bacteria in the vagina and lead to a yeast infection.
Consider the following a treatment progression for the overwhelming majority of cases; cases more severe (or any you may be concerned with) require consultation with your individual physician. But there is a rare (about 15%) chance that men can develop symptoms (an itchy rash on the penis) after unprotected sex with an infected woman. Your symptoms could be something else, and not getting proper treatment can lead to potentially serious complications. But there is not enough scientific evidence to say that yogurt effectively treats or prevents vaginal yeast infections.

Recurrent yeast infections may be related to other medical conditions, such as diabetes or HIV, and may require a doctor's care. These can range from annoyances to ‘not-fun’ to outright problematic, particularly if you’re diabetic, have HIV or otherwise have a compromised immune system. Ask your doctor before treating yourself for a yeast infection if you are pregnant, have never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, or get recurrent yeast infections.

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