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Trump has a long history of thoroughly debunked opinions on autism, which he has described as “doctor-inflicted” and caused by a “monstrous” vaccine trend nationwide. Autism rates are indeed going up, but experts attribute that to better awareness and diagnosis, not the size or frequency of vaccines.
The fear about vaccines and autism can be traced back to a 1998 paper, which has since been retracted and declared an “elaborate fraud” by a team of British researchers. Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush line up for a photo op before the CNN Republican Debate begins at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Sept.

But at Wednesday’s  Republican presidential debates, the GOP front-runner took on the ill-advised role of doctor-in-chief, suggesting that vaccines have caused an “epidemic” of autism, a complex brain disorder that afflicts millions of Americans. But his comments at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library reached a dangerous new level, coming amid a rise in measles and other diseases as more parents refuse to vaccinate their children.
They’ve tested vaccines in their current form—and in their current dosage—and found no link to autism. On Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders did the same, citing the overwhelming science that says there’s no connection between vaccines and autism.

In 2011, for example, the Institutes of Medicine published an 866-page report on eight vaccines given to children, and found that with rare exceptions—unrelated to autism—vaccines are very safe.

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