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Apple cider vinegar (also known as cider vinegar or ACV) is vinegar from the fermentation of apples. Folk medicine credited apple cider vinegar as a remedy for illnesses like the flu and there are numerous modern studies that support the various health claims of consuming and using apple cider vinegar and its potential for use as a natural and healthier alternative to antibacterial products.
Some studies suggest that the acetic acid in Apple Cider Vinegar may help power blood pressure. Just as ACV can help kill Candida in the body, it is often useful against yeast and fungus on the skin and nails.
Notes: Apple Cider Vinegar should not be swallowed undiluted or applied to the skin undiluted, especially in children or those with sensitive skin. I’ve used Apple Cider vinegar in cranberry juice to get rid of bladder infections for the past several years.
I have had horrible acid reflux and I am trying apple cider vinegar today… will see if it helps.
It is caused by a fungus called Candida normally present in small concentrations in the body and grows during a hormone and immunity system imbalance. Regular intake also boosts the immune system, fight against Candida, and helps good bacteria prevent yeast infection. Because of its potent antibacterial properties, it was – is – a favorite to use for numerous applications including wounds, bruises, and even prophylactic cleansing. Relieving a Sore Throat: A warm, apple cider vinegar gargle can potentially help fight the symptoms of a sore throat caused by bacteria. Teeth Whitening: The critics are divided on this one, because prolonged consumption or use of vinegar can damage tooth enamel. Post-exercise Energy Drink: Apple cider vinegar is also rich in nutrients like amino acids which can counteract the effects of lactic acid.

Killing Bad Odors: Apple cider vinegar is a great choice for killing bad odors in your home.
Salad Dressing: The most obvious use for apple cider vinegar is in cooking, primarily in salads. Baking: Vinegar is used in baking to help improve the fluffiness or baked goods like breads and cakes. Many people report reduced symptoms of reflux or heartburn after using Apple Cider Vinegar, which is logical, since many times these conditions are caused by too little stomach acid, rather than too much. Some research shows that the acid and enzymes in Apple Cider Vinegar help kill excess yeast in the body. If you suffer from a sunburn or insect bite, Apple Cider Vinegar can help alleviate the pain. If you have foot or toe fungus, soak the feet in 1 cup of ACV in water or apply directly to the affected area. I just put non-diluted apple cider vinegar on a piece of cotton from a cotton ball, placed it on the wart and wrapped it with a bandaid (this was so the bandaid pad didn’t get soaked with avc and really let loose the stink).
Mix equal parts water and vinegar (depending on your tolerance for the ACV’s acidity and taste) and gargle two to three times a day. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it nightly to the wart until it is removed. Apple cider vinegar is a potent anti-oxidant that has been proven to clear the body of free radicals and toxins.
You can switch up regular vinegar to ACV in your baking recipe to not only add more airiness to the finished product but also to improve its nutritional content. Whenever I’ve had heartburn or reflux, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water takes care of it!

To use as a toner, keep the mixture in the fridge, and apply with a cotton ball after showering. I would simply purchase Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar rather than make it from scratch. The ACV gargle can help reduce inflammation and cause faster alleviation of your sore throat. Gargle a dilutedACV solution occasionally or in moderation and prevent cavities and fight bad breath or halitosis. If you’ve got any nasty bruises, try gently rubbing the area with apple cider vinegar and watch your bruises fade in a few days. Apple cider vinegar is not only beneficial to the body, it is also a potent household cleaner. If you have problems with pests or weeds, try a spray made with apple cider vinegar, salt, and dish soap.But be careful when you use this ACV spray! If you’ve got a problem with sunburn, apple ACV to your bathwater and soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes to ease the pain. Especially in children or those with sensitive skin, it is best to dilute the ACV with water before applying to the skin. Instead of using a typical commercial mouthwash that is laden with chemicals, try a rinse made with apple cider vinegar!

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