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With the rise in popularity of Paleo and other low-carb diets, potatoes have lately gotten a bad rap. Given their nutritional value and health benefits, I’ll vote to keep potatoes in my anti-candida diet. I LOVE all the food links you’ve provided – going to work my way through them all, starting with that bruschetta!
I guess I didn’t look closely enough at the link you sent, as I am surprised that potatoes and sweet potatoes are permitted.
Though seeing as how you are feeling so much better, it is great that this program is working for you! Everything that I have researched tells me it is best to eliminate all starches and carbs when doing an anti-candida protocol.

Because it’s already so difficult to follow the diet, if the restrictions are too great, you risk non-compliance, which would be worse than eating a fruit, for instance.
I also believe that, while there is no reason to shun potatoes, they may not be the best food for everyone, which is why it’s SO important to learn what works for your own body! I'm Ricki, cookbook author, professional recipe developer, holistic nutritionist and anti-candida crusader.
You may be able to eventually fight it off, but it goes much faster and easier if you stick to a low-carb diet during the process. Most versions of the diet do allow gluten-free grains; some even allow breads if made with sprouted grains or whole grain flours. In fact, I ate potatoes from Stage 2 of the ACD, and being able to enjoy that kind of familiar comfort food kept me on track with the diet.

This propensity to absorb toxins can also work in your favor, however: potato poultices have traditionally been used to help with inflammation and drawing out infections from the body. I do know that Russets are loaded with antioxidants, which surprised me and just about everyone else I think.

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