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Very bad cases of Candida overgrowth does not usually happen unless your immune system is weakened. One of the few methods of treating Candida, that is not considered internal and does not directly deal with your diet would be through the use of Acupuncture. Acupuncture by itself will certainly help, but it’s best if you combine it with herbs, and a diet change for complete treatment. Candida Question And Answer ChannelCandida expert Eric Bakker Youtube channel CandidaCrusher - Answer to all candida yeast infection questions.
These yeast-based Candida cells are, in-fact, part of the normal flora of our bodies; these cells normally exist in the mouth, intestines, and other organs. Most treatment methods deal with changing your diet, eating the right foods, and avoiding the bad foods so that your body can properly fight and fix Candida.

It is an endless viscous cycle where a weak immune system allows Candida to thrive and grow, but Candida overgrowth causes a weak immune system.
It is also imperative that you realize that Acupuncture alone is not the complete key to treatment.
Using Acupuncture can help your body to modify the eternal environment so that the Qi flow will be properly regulated and homeostasis restored. For the absolute best results on fighting Candida, it has to be done by you, through the help of professionals.
In addition, improper diet, such as excess consumption of sugar, alcohol, or yeast products can promote yeast growth.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, these foods disturb the balance of the Spleen, produce Phlegm, and create the perfect environment for yeast overgrowth.According to TCM theory, balance of the whole is the most important principle for maintaining health.

Cleansing In Chinese medicine, a thorough cleansing is the first step in dealing with candidiasis. When our systems are full of the waste, phlegm and toxins which contribute to yeast overgrowth, clearing them out of the system is necessary.
For candidiasis, diet management alone is not strong enough to clear the system, or it can take a very long time. Combining proper diet with Chinese herbs and acupuncture can achieve this goal much faster.

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