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Douglas County, Nevada cannot continue to expand at its current rate due to a multitude of factors:

Water: Nevada is the driest state in the nation...period! Aside from the Eastern Sierra Corridor Nevada is bone dry desert and a giant sandbox. Water has always been a chronic problem in the Southwestern United States since the first settlers came west. Below are some of the mistakes made by other counties in Nevada due to over development...Douglas County is headed down this path with excessive development. Already Carson City is taking Douglas County water and these other areas "covet" our water.

Pahrump, Nevada
Now out of access to well water, due to over development, has had all development ordered halted by the State of Nevada to curb Pahrump valley wells.

Carson City, Nevada
Carson City is out of water so that city is pumping water out of an aquifer under Minden through a 36" pipe 24 hours a day. What is this
doing to the aquifer under Minden?

Dayton, Nevada
Is now restricting development especially in the Silver Springs area restrictions. This is a good article and interview with Ed James

“A lot of developers want to come out to Silver Springs, but they may have to bring water from other sources.”

— Ed James
- --Carson River Conservancy

"What keeps me up at night - Domestic Wells"
Jason King Nevada State Water Engineer
at the Nevada State Water Summit Carson City 2018

More On Development In Our Area

A "major" natural gas pipeline expansion program is underway in Northern Nevada. Why? It is needed for growth which includes Douglas County.

Montaña Development

This development, out past, Genoa on Jacks Valley Road will probably have over 500 homes when finished. These homes are built with the lot line right at the street and so close together you can look in your neighbors kitchen. R.O. Anderson Engineering proudly boasts that they got this project done...which is true. R.O. Anderson is buying water rights in the Carson Valley to develop more massive building projects.

This devlopment is not in keeping with the "rural" flavour Douglas County residents want to maintain.

Affordable Housing

Should NEVER be allowed in Douglas County

Grand Jury Report - Douglas County Condensed Version

Grand Jury Fact Sheet Condensed.pdf