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PDF Services We'll create your 1 Page PDF • $19.50

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1. Send us an email with all of your details, context, photos, specific instructions and notes, etc.

Note: We do house-calls and pick-up of paperwork, images, etc. (see details below) or :
E-mail : Magnifieds@yahoo.com

2. It can be a standard letter-size or larger legal-size at your option.

3. The PDF can also be a custom size, for example : 6″ x  9.″

4. We will email you a special / private link for viewing and download.

5. Your PDF will also be sent to your email for your review and approval.

6. Any necessary or requested modifications, changes, anything else you may be forgetting, or wish to add, we'll work towards your satisfaction.

7. If you can not email your PDF document info, content, photos, etc., we may be able to pick them up, or, we can give you our mailing address.

PDF's are fun! Why? High Quality PDF's can now be embedded on a Web Page / Web site! Ready for download, printing & e-mailing! Photos (imagery) is easily inserted without / with text. (PDF = Portable Document Format)

See a Creative PDF » Here Get a : 3 Page PDF Document! High quality, ready for printing or e-mailing! Includes photos (imagery) insertion and/or text, based on your needs. Give us a drawing, idea, scratch-notes or some plans. Or, we'll go-to-town with whatever you can send us. Nice! Place an order below. Now only : $45.00 / Thanks for the order!

3 Pages --- Order » Here Order a : 2 Page PDF Document!  As with any PDF Document we create for you, you'll be able to bring the thumb-drive it's on - to Staples or Office Depot for printing, or send the PDF File to them using your e-mail. We can put the PDF on-line if needed, or if you need help with printing, let us know! Great! Place your order below. Only : $35.00 / Thanks for your order!

2 Pages --- Order » Here Get a : 1 Page PDF Document! The "1 Pager" is great for Flyers, Real Estate, as a Garage Sale Notice, Personal Agreement/Contract for Work, Hold Harmless Agreement, Deposit/Down Payment Docs, etc. Make sure your photos are high-quality for printing purposes. Very Cool! Place your order below. Now only : $19.50 / Thanks for your order!

1 Page --- Order » Here

Note : Need us to pick-up paperwork?  No problem!  The local trip charge is between $10.00 - $20.00
We'll collect it from you later by way of our Marshall Cassidy and Friends PayPal Account / Invoice Feature, which is sent to your e-mail address by PayPal. Or, you can pay it at the time of the pick-up. Thanks!
We can e-mail the finished product to You or your Printer at no extra charge. Or, it can be put on a thumb-drive (add $10.00) & delivered to your door by our driver (trip charge applies), or by US Mail. (add $10.00).
Start sending to us what you can - to our e-mail address ...

Marshall Cassidy & Friends can also help with:

On Location Photography / 35 Photos = $55.00 Phone Answering (10) Phone Calls / Take Messages = $10.00 Teaching You 2 Hours of Graphics Design/Tech = $35.00 Posting Your Craigslist Ad / Listing & Photos = $9.50 Placing an On-line Walmart.com Grocery Order = $5.00 Creating a 3 Page Document w/ Text and Images = $45.00 Making You a 25 Photos Website w/ 90 Days Hosting = $95.00 Getting Your FSBO Real Estate on The MLS, Zillow, etc. = $195.00 Click on the above links to learn more about each service we provide. Thanks!

25 Photos Website / Get it On-Line!
Displaying your photographs & content is important to you. We'll create for you a light-weight, super-fast loading, somewhat minimal website featuring up-to 25 photos! Including : Your text, choice of colors, a logo or profile picture, free hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for 90 days, and more! Anyone, anywhere in the world, will easily be able to gain access to your new site, without being forced to: Solve Puzzles, "Register an Account" or "Sign-in" first. Too Cool! $95.00 / Our latest design ...

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