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Most hurricane areas have evacuation routes clearly marked.  Many zones will have designated evacuation areas for you to go to as well.  But it is better to map out a plan and a route ahead of time to make sure you and your family get to the destination safely and together.  Here is what we recommend doing.

  • Have a specific meeting place and time for family members to assemble at first when the evacuation order is given.  This may be your home, or it may be a specific landmark in your community.  Make sure everyone knows where it is, how to get there, when they are supposed to be there, and whom they need to bring with them.
  • Designate where exactly you will be going when you have to evacuate.  Choose several places, such as an out-of-area family member, a motel, and a designated shelter. 
  • Make sure every vehicle has contact information for your selected evacuation destinations, along with maps and directions to each place.  You may need to take alternative or unfamiliar routes if major roads are closed or clogged.
  • Make sure everyone has a copy of your out-of-area contact, designated in your family disaster plan.
  • Make sure your disaster supply kit is easily accessible in the event you might need to evacuate.  Make sure your kit is loaded into vehicles before you leave.
  • Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or location radio stations for evacuation instructions.  Should you be ordered to evacuate, do so immediately.
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