My name is Matteo. I’m a creative
specialising in web design & copywriting.
I was born

22 years and just
four months after
David Droga
27 years after
Quentin Tarantino
was born
44 days after the release
of Nelson Mandela
104 years after the
minimalist architect,
Mies van der Rohe

My journey so far:

August 2007 My first job:
a collaboration for
Accenture and H3G
July 2010 Got a High School
diploma in
Classical Studies
February 2011 First exam session completed!
I’m a student of
Graphic Design and
Art Direction @ NABA (Milan)
March 2011 Started writing stories
and tales for
During 2011 Worked for a famous
Milan library and for
Bulgari Hotel & Resorts
as waiter
February 2012 Joined Behance July 2012 New job
at MilanoAD advertising
agency as Jr Copywriter
February 2013 IELTS exam passed
with a total score
of 6.5
February 2013 Founded Copy Ad with
a friend: an archive
of best and most famous
copy announcements from
all over the world
February 2013 New job - I'm now
an international marketing intern
at my university
October 2013 Graduated in Graphic Design
and Art Direction.
my thesis about "Viral videos"
November 2013 I moved to London to draw inspiration
from the city's design culture
and improve my skills and expertise

Design is my lifestyle.
See what tool I use to feed new ideas:

HTML+CSS Advanced skills! After Effects Good skills! Indesign Good skills! Illustrator Advanced skills! Photoshop Advanced skills!