eXactID vs Finger Print and Card based Attendance

3FA biometrics
(Finger, Voice, Face)
Wired FingerPrint SmartCard
Prevent "Buddy Punching"
OT Policies/Shift set up
Auto-computation of OT/Hours worked
Over-time/Attendance reports
Cloud Computing / Software-as-as-Service model
Pay-per-use subscription model
Multi-factor Biometric
Instant Set-up
Using Commercially Off-the-Shelf Hardware
Hand-held form factor
Wire-free installation
Battery Operated equipment
Location Tracking (GPS)
Instant Absentee Alert
Map/Photo Reports
Multi-users with different access rights
Link a Finger Print reader
Link a Card reader

Salient Features ::

Clock-in/out is captured on Tablet/Phone.
3FA Biometrics on the Go – Finger, Voice, Face verification of employees / workers etc
Optional Finger Print & Card access (as extra attachment in micro-USB port)
Photo, time and GPS location captured
Instant set-up
No wiring required
Multiple site information can be synchronised to a central site
Reports to show total hrs worked and OT
Detailed report to show the hours worked by each employee
Shift configuration
OT Policies configuration

Benefits of implementation of eXactID ::

Hand-held form factor – smallest for any Biometric Time Attendance in the World
Multi-Factor Biometric based Attendance – on real-time basis verification & authentication is done (3 Biometrics – Voice, Face and Finger Print makes it fool-proof)
Location information in form of GPS coordinates available
No proprietary hardware
No wired set-up – ease of use in the field conditions / mobile work force
Easy to use – just speak and show the face into a mobile/handset
Available on the ‘pay per employee’ & ‘pay per use’ models available
Completely off-the-network deployment possible (simply connecting to a WiFi hotspot created on a laptop) for improved security and confidentiality of employee data
Latest & best-of-the-breed technologies used in the back-end to make it fool-proof (Biometric) and failure-proof (multi-factor)
Absentee Alert – by e-mail, SMS, Voice is available on real-time basis
Complete reporting is web based (local for Laptop installation) & can be viewed from anywhere
Continuous technology improvements and extensive support with a full-fledged technical help desk for all users

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