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Yasmine Akki


Barnard College

Growing up with my two triplet sisters, I made sense of our world with my camera, documenting all of our adventures in our hometown, Paris, France, and during visits to our family in the suburbs of Detroit and Casablanca, Morocco. While working as the Photo Editor at the Columbia Daily Spectator, I had the opportunity to shape our discourse on the ever-growing debate on free speech, from coordinating the coverage for talks from Mike Cernovich and Tommy Robinson, to editing hundreds of photos from protests happening on our campus, that is known for its strong activist student body. In between my Anthropology and Archaeology classes, you can find me ordering Insomnia Cookies, or dancing to afrobeats, Brazilian baile funk, reggeaton, French rap, or American hip hop. I’m beyond elated for this summer at the Post, and can’t wait to meet all of you soon.

Kendra Andrews


Gonzaga University

Growing up in the Bay Area, I found myself loving two things: food and sports. I love them separately and together. My favorite food is sushi, which I truly believe I could eat every day, and my favorite sport is basketball. I have an older sister who is also in the field of journalism. People always ask us if our parents were journalists. They’re not. I also love to travel and would like to visit every continent. Probably, my favorite place to travel to is Spain. Currently, I am living in Spokane, Washington which is very different from the Bay Area -- namely the cold. And three years after moving here, I am still not used to it.

Teo Armus


Columbia University

You could say my journalism career began at age 12, when I spent a lazy summer composing too-detailed summaries of Top Chef episodes on Wikipedia. (They’re still there, if you’re curious.)<br><br>I don’t tend to watch much TV these days, but my interest in stories--culinary or otherwise--never really went away. In college, I spent much of my time asking people about theirs, whether as a reporter and editor for my campus paper, the Columbia Spectator, or as an RA in the freshman dorms.<br><br>Since then, I’ve written for NBC’s websites about immigration, Latino issues and LGBTQ rights--all topics I hope to continue covering in the future. I also spent the 2016 election season sprinting around midtown Manhattan with elaborate coffee orders as an intern for “Morning Joe.”<br><br>I’m a proud Argentine American and a New York City native, so I’ll be spending much of my free time this summer watching the World Cup and properly learning how to drive. But I’m most excited to explore D.C., uncover its stories and learn from everyone at The Post about how to tell them well.

Michael Brice-Saddler


University of Maryland

Hello! My name is Michael Brice-Saddler and I graduated from the University of Maryland in May with a major in journalism. I was born in Baltimore city and grew up in the county, where I had aspirations to play professional basketball. Those aspirations quickly faded, however, when my height peaked at 5’10’’ and I failed to make my varsity basketball team.<br><br>Naturally, I pivoted to journalism where I’ve found a bit more success in writing and reporting. I’ve served as an editor and staff writer for The Diamondback and held internships in news and sports with SBNation, VICE Sports and The Baltimore Sun. I’m extremely excited to join The Washington Post this summer and meet everyone in the newsroom!

Andrea Cornejo


University of Florida

I was only eight years old when I first picked up an American newspaper. My first year in Florida was spent rummaging through the leftover papers scattered throughout my family’s apartment -- courtesy of my mother’s -- second job delivering newspapers. I couldn’t speak English yet, let alone read, but I remember being mesmerized by the photographs. Since then, I have always found myself drawn to storytelling and the power that visual journalism holds.<br><br>Before I attended the University of Florida, I spent my first couple of college years working as a bartender for an Asian karaoke bar, renting out DVDs at an independent video store and slinging ice cream at my favorite ice cream shop in Gainesville. Then as a junior at UF, I was offered a full-time position as a visual journalist at The Gainesville Sun -- the first newspaper that I interned at. Since then, I have documented a man’s fight against a 515-mile pipeline that ripped a hole through his family’s burial grounds, told a story of a family’s struggle to provide fresh water for their children in Cuba and reported on a small village in the Dominican Republic, which had become a hub for gender fluidity due to the high concentration of children born with ambiguous genitalia.<br><br>I feel so incredibly fortunate for all the folks that have shared their stories with me and I can’t wait to produce more pieces as The Washington Post’s summer video intern. I also look forward to sharing pictures of my ugly dog, spending way too much money at movie theaters and getting made fun of for my really sick fanny pack.

Kaitlin Coward

Multiplatform Editors

Ohio University

For the four years of my college career at Ohio University, I spent far too much time at a different Post, an independent student publication where I served this past year as managing editor. Last summer, I was a copy editing intern at The New York Times, and I love all things grammar and style. It’s what I hope to keep doing for as long as I can. I’ve learned a lot in the past year about concussions in the NFL because I wrote an honors thesis about journalistic coverage of just that. Though most of my journalistic work has been based in news, I love sports, specifically tennis, soccer, hockey and figure skating. I live for the Olympics, and I’ve woken up at 3 a.m. before to watch Rafa Nadal play in a Grand Slam final.

Sam Fortier


Syracuse University

As a kid, I pretended to be a firefighter and that my small, red-and-black bicycle was a firetruck. Every time my family went for a walk on one of the many wooded roads near our New Hampshire home, I raced ahead to douse down a burning (and imaginary) building. One day, when I was about six, I got two hills ahead and saw a black bear and two cubs sitting in the middle of the road. Until then, the only bears I knew were Berenstains, so I walked toward them. Luckily, the bears all ran off, I wasn’t fast enough to catch them and my parents, once we were together again, explained the difference between Brother Bear and his cousins. Later, the same nudging curiosity came in useful when reporting for The Daily Orange, Syracuse’s student paper, where I covered everything from cross-country to men’s basketball and served as sports editor. It also helped me as an intern and contributing writer at The Ringer, where I learned to report and write and edit deeper. I want to write stories about sports that are really about people and culture. And, if one day the right story comes along, maybe one about a bear.

Kate Furby

AAAS Fellow

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

There are places on the planet you can only go if you’re a scientist. I was lucky enough to spend the last ten years exploring those wild, protected areas. Last year I completed my PhD in coral ecology and science communication. My dissertation investigated the limits of coral survival. I started producing videos and written pieces about our research to share the surprising life of a field biologist (everything from the heartbreak of failure to the precision of coding to Indiana Jones style exploration). I spent the last year creating Tiny Beaker Media, communicating research and natural history with everyone from professors to YouTubers. My favorite things to talk about are podcasts and my dog. I’m looking forward to joining the Washington Post newsroom as the AAAS Fellow!

Emily Giambalvo


University of Georgia

My name is Emily Giambalvo, and I just graduated from the University of Georgia. I majored in management information systems, which I describe as computer science mixed with business, and it took all four years for everyone to believe I actually wanted to be a journalist. I worked at the student paper, The Red & Black, since I was a freshman and covered football the last two seasons. I was a level 10 gymnast and my parents were college swimmers, but I like writing about sports because of how they are played by interesting people. I interned at The Seattle Times last summer, and I ultimately hope to write for a magazine or major news outlet. Last year, I decided to drive myself from Georgia to Utah on a whim to volunteer at an animal sanctuary for two weeks, and I am confident I eat more Brussels sprouts than any other college student in the country.

Mina Haq

Multiplatform Editors

University of Maryland

Hi everyone! I just graduated from the University of Maryland, where I studied journalism and spent most of my time at The Diamondback, the student newspaper. I started as a copy editor my sophomore year, eventually moved up to managing editor and then became editor in chief my senior year.<br><br>I grew up in New Jersey right outside Philadelphia, but I fell in love with D.C. the first time I visited the city as a kid, and couldn’t be more thrilled to be at The Post this summer. I’ve also worked as a reporting intern at The Baltimore Sun and a mobile desk intern at USA TODAY. Aside from journalism, some of my favorite things include Maryland basketball, spinach and artichoke dip, reality TV and watching the same romantic comedies over and over again.

Calla Kessler


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Greetings! I’m excited to return to the Post this summer for my second photo internship. It’s exactly where I want to be, and I am very grateful for the opportunity. In a month, I will graduate from Nebraska, where I was born and raised. Given that I am a true Midwesterner, I pride myself on being nice and being a steak connoisseur, despite the many vegetarian friends I have made on the East coast. When I’m not shooting photos, I like to read, run and listen to podcasts. I am not yet financially stable enough to own a dog, but you bet that’s the first thing I will get when I am! That being said, please contact me for all dog-walking and/or dog-sitting needs. I said this last year in this introduction, but no one took me up on the offer and I was disappointed. I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting others in the newsroom this summer.

Erin Logan

General Assignment News

Vanderbilt University (BA), American University (MA)

I was born and raised in Atlanta. I received my bachelor’s degree in African American Studies and History from Vanderbilt University. For a long time, I did not know what I wanted to do. I dabbled in medicine, blogging and event planning. When I realized I could get paid to be nosy, I knew journalism was the career for me. I just received my master’s degree in journalism from American University. I’ve interned at Blavity, Nashville Public Radio, NPR and The Post as an AU intern. When I’m not reporting, I’m busy watching musical theater, cooking and stanning Kacey Musgraves, Hilary Duff and Beyonce on Twitter.

Mili Mitra


Brown University

I am a graduating senior at Brown University concentrating in Public Policy and Economics. I’m a news geek from India and Singapore (by way of Minnesota). At Brown, I gained experience working on political campaigns, environmental policy research and human rights advocacy, but found my real passion editing the opinions page of the Brown Daily Herald. I was an editorial intern at The Post last summer, and am beyond thrilled to be coming back again this year!

Miranda Moore


University of Missouri

I am a graduate student at the Missouri School of Journalism studying investigative reporting. I decided to become a journalist while working as a paralegal in the Department of Justice’s office for prosecuting human rights violations. Most of the investigations that came across my desk were initiated because someone in the office shared an article with investigators, and I wanted to be one of the reporters finding those stories. Prior to working at DOJ, I was an economic development volunteer with the Peace Corps in Uganda. I’m a Missouri native, and my journalism degree is my third from Mizzou - I earned a BA in political science and international studies in 2006, and an MBA in 2008. Since returning to Missouri, I reported for the Columbia Missourian on the public safety and state government beats, and contributed to Vox Magazine and KBIA News. I also interned with the BuzzFeed News investigations team and at 60 Minutes. My journalistic interests cover a wide range of topics, but I most enjoy stories at the intersection of business, public policy and watchdog reporting.

Hannah Natanson


Harvard College

I am a junior at Harvard studying English, though I spend most of my time at 14 Plympton Street as the managing editor of The Harvard Crimson. I grew up in D.C.; I’ve dreamed of reporting for The Washington Post since I was 12 and producing a mini-newspaper for my American girl dolls. I hope to work in journalism after graduation. I also hope to one day learn how to cook real food, though friends say my scrambled eggs--the sum total of my culinary arsenal--are excellent. I love reading books and taking road trips more than almost anything else--except coffee. My planned thesis, a genre study of 2010s-era road trip literature, combines the first two loves; and will doubtless involve a lot of the third, too. I’ve driven all the way across the country--starting in San Francisco and ending in D.C.--once. I plan to make the reverse trip as soon as I can.

Terry Nguyen

Multiplatform Producers

University of Southern California

Hello there! I’m a SoCal native and a third-year undergrad studying political science and journalism at USC. I’m a Vietnamese-American journalist hoping to work at the intersection of print and digital platforms, and as the universe would have it, I’m fortunate enough to work as a multiplatform production intern at the Post this summer.<br><br>I enjoy experimenting with video, audio and interactive graphics to supplement the newsroom projects I oversee as the features editor of the Daily Trojan, USC’s student-run newspaper. I’ve got a personal goal to learn most of the Adobe suite by the time I graduate next year, but really, I’m still in the “figuring it out” stage of my journalistic career. I love reporting on local communities, but I’m also drawn to working on innovative, digital-focused projects. I’m also interested in writing about digital trends, culture and identity. (Here’s to figuring it out a little more this summer!)<br><br>In my free time, I’m catching up on podcasts and the Bachelor/ette, humming along to musical soundtracks or rewatching Parks and Rec. A self-proclaimed vegetarian with loose morals (I blame Vietnamese food), I’ll be on the hunt for vegetarian-friendly eateries in D.C. and squeezing in a lot of cheat meals.

Deanna Paul

General Assignment News

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Deanna is a Miami-raised attorney and journalist, based in New York. She spent six years prosecuting NYC’s murderers, rapists and assailants, and teaching trial advocacy at her alma-mater, Fordham Law School. Her opinions on privacy, tech and criminal justice have been published in Rolling Stone and WIRED, and she is honing her reporting skills at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is also working on a book, ask her about it! Deanna would welcome the superpower to read minds and is always up for a glass of wine paired with a game of Scrabble. She also feels incredibly lucky to begin her journalism career at The Washington Post and could not be more excited to join you all this summer.

Sonia Rao


Boston University

Hi, there! My name is Sonia, and I graduated from Boston University in December. I previously worked at the Boston Globe and interned with the Post’s features department last summer. I’m currently writing for the pop culture team and will return to jumping between features sections in June. If you work upstairs, there’s a good chance you’ve seen me headed to the kitchen with a coffee mug in hand.

Manas Sharma


Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

I’m a senior studying design at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India. I will be graduating in May and am very excited to meet you all this summer at The Post! I’m a data vis enthusiast who loves visual storytelling. I believe well designed graphics can help us tell stories in ways never before possible.<br><br>I’ve once spent a month reading 600 badly scanned dowry police reports for a story about Delhi’s dowry market. I also spent 3 weeks looking at crop prices only to finally find a four character error in my code which scrapped the story. As testament to my obsession with Roger Federer, I spent a week looking at shot by shot data to find how his game had evolved in recent years.<br><br>You can usually find me playing/listening to music, watching sports, staring at spreadsheets or not understanding my code. I also love reading books. I’m excited to be able to tell visual stories this summer that explain ideas clearly and further debate on a topic.

Rebecca Tan


University of Pennsylvania

Hi, my name is Rebecca Tan and I’m a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m currently the Executive Editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian Inc., where I spend upwards of 50 hours a week geeking out over editorial strategy and sharing stale pizza with the finest kids at Penn. If I’m not reporting, or reading about reporting, I’m probably on the phone with family from Singapore or making weak attempts to maintain my other interests in art, literature, film and pop culture. I spent last summer working on the foreign desk at, where I fell deep in love with Slack, broke down the key players in Robert Mueller’s legal team and spoke to migrant workers in Qatar about the implications that the gulf crisis has on their day-to-day lives. While I miss home, I could not be more excited to continue writing about foreign affairs with The Post in D.C. this summer — it’s nothing less than a dream to be a part of this newsroom.

Taylor Telford


Indiana University

I’m a Midwestern transplant with an adrenaline addiction, which I feed with distance running, rock climbing and perpetually keeping a dangerous number of tabs open. Throughout high school and college, I waited tables at Bob Evans, which gave me a strange education in reporting and helped me hone my unbeatable poker face. At IU, I edited the campus desk of the Indiana Daily Student, covered Indiana courts and published enterprise stories on consent, wrongful conviction, child abuse and the state’s broken foster care system. I cut my teeth in daily news at the Daily Hampshire Gazette and the Tampa Bay Times. I’m fluent in Spanish and give many hoots about baseball, soccer and telling sharp, human stories. When I was 9, I broke my nose on a ceiling fan.

Reis Thebault


UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Reis is a Michigan native who went to undergrad in Ohio before moving to Berkeley. Along the way, he spent his summer and winters off working for a nonprofit in South Africa, housekeeping at a ranch in Colorado and hiking around New Zealand.<br><br>He has worked on the metro desks of the Columbus Dispatch and the Boston Globe, and worked on projects for the Washington Post’s investigations desk last summer while interning at the Investigative Reporting Workshop.<br><br>He’s also a three-year alum of Harry Potter camp (yes, there was a sorting hat. Ravenclaw.).

Mia Torres


Indiana University

I’m a Sagittarius, which is often said to be the luckiest of the astrological signs. And for me, that definitely feels true. I feel so lucky to be working at the Post this summer; when I found out, I cried. But I know it’s not just luck that got me here. Over my four years at Indiana University, I worked my way to creative director of both our student-run magazine and newspaper. Last summer, I also worked as a designer at the New York Times Student Journalism Institute. I’m passionate about news design--print or digital--that engages readers in a time when readers need to be engaged more than ever.<br><br>Outside of the newsroom, I love finding new flavors of vegan ice cream to try, listening to the same two songs on loop and convincing people astrology is real.

Madison Walls

Design / Graphics

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Hello, my name is Madison Walls, and I am a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Go Tar Heels! This summer I will be working in design and graphics. If there is something you need to know about me, it is my infinite love for dogs, flowers and coffee. Oh, and no one will ever convince me to give up alfredo sauce. I put it on anything slightly related to pasta. This past semester I’ve been working on projects centered around augmented reality and how new technologies change the way we do storytelling. More specifically, I looked into how we should design the user interface on these technologies to assistance the storytelling experience. I also got the chance to work for Adobe and create graphics for them during a conference on the west coast. I am extremely excited to be in D.C. this summer and grow as a designer!

Jamie Zega

Multiplatform Editors

Indiana University

I’m still in denial about finally being done with school, but when I arrive in D.C. I will be a freshly minted alumna of Indiana University. I care a lot about grammar and style, so a lot of my friends make fun of me for it. If I didn’t, though, I wouldn’t have been a Dow Jones News Fund intern in 2017, and I probably wouldn’t have been the editor-in-chief of IU’s student paper. Aside from humble brags, I love baseball (the White Sox are my team), “Gilmore Girls” (I grew up with a single mom, so I relate to it a lot), and pizza. Seriously, if anyone has pizza recommendations (or I suppose any other life recommendations, seeing as the Post is full of successful professionals), feel free to find me. I’m very excited to work with The Post this summer!


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