Jacob Bogage, University of Missouri


Jacob Bogage Hi! I’m Jacob Bogage, a 2015 and 2016 Financial desk intern. What a thrill it is to be back at The Post, this time on K Street! I’m a recent graduate of the University of Missouri where I studied history and journalism, though I was born in the District and raised in Maryland. I’ve spent most of my young journalism life covering sports, then somehow transitioned to business reporting with the gracious help and patience of my Post editors and the 2015 intern class.

I love a good story wherever I can find one, whether that’s duck hunting at 4 a.m. in rural Missouri or exploring a flood-ravaged home also in rural Missouri. (I’ve spent lots of time in Missouri.) I’m a die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan, a long-suffering ‘Skins fan and I still root for the Terps more than I can bring myself to cheer on my Mizzou Tigers.

In my spare time, I enjoy umpiring youth baseball games, watching West Wing reruns and trying unsuccessfully to improve my golf game. Follow me on Twitter, if you want: @jacobbogage.