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This space-saving rack recalls those used in classic San Francisco restaurants, where the latest Napa Valley wine found its way into the hearts and minds of residents and visitors alike.
So with each order placed, although the dimensions of the iron remain the same, the characteristics vary greatly. Most clients prefer the look of the iron in its raw form to any other color under the rainbow, but protecting that look has proved to be a challenge.

A couple of options that work very well include a clear epoxy enamel, applied in several coats to preserve the iron and prevent rust. Our Wrought Iron productions are for Beauty, Elegance, Long Life, Value, functional and durable. A tape measure is used to adhere to the laws of ergonomics, like the seat height on a chair, but does not play a role in the design.

As you navigate through this collection, please keep in mind that each design you view was born not from a student of the arts, but rather a student of life and a simple welder with an overactive imagination.

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