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Clear, easy-to-follow instructions and photographs guide you through essential tasks that are part of common woodworking projects.
If you are not completely satisfied you can cancel your subscription or return your book, magazine or DVD at any time for a complete refund.
If you're looking for the most practical, shop-tested tips and techniques -- meticulously selected by the experts at Fine Woodworking -- here's a valuable collection of ideas you'll refer to for years to come.
And whether you're just starting out or moderately experienced, Fine Woodworking's Basic Skills & Techniques can help take you to the next level. Here's an opportunity to get 201 of the very best woodworking tips of all time -- organized in distinct categories -- and selected by the editors of Fine Woodworking.

Our editors have also included the most valuable tips from some of the magazine's best articles. This valuable newsstand-only publication features the most essential tips to appear in the Methods of Work department of Fine Woodworking magazine -- the most popular section of the magazine for over 32 years. Power Tool Techniques from Fine Woodworking deals with information so vital that it really does belong in every shop. As a useful shop reference, this comprehensive collection of tips and techniques will put the solutions to a wide range of knotty problems right at your fingertips -- all within the confines of a single publication. Our staff travels the country to bring you the shop-tested techniques practiced by the finest craftsmen.

Plus, this issue also covers the handheld power tools -- sanders, routers, and cordless drills -- that have taken the hard labor out of woodworking and doing it yourself.

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