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Johnson, who bought the business in 1993, has had it with the crummy economy, the state's complicated business tax and just the downer mood of Michigan hard-pressed residents.
While his kids' in-state college tuition payments and a small woodworking shop will keep him and his wife, Jo, here a few more years, they already have begun their search for another state to call home. Recent census figures show 60 out of 83 Michigan counties lost population from 2007-08, although Kent and Ottawa were not among the 60 counties.

Data shows Michiganders who left in 2006-07 most often headed to states on Johnson's list: Florida, California, Texas and Illinois. One reason for the outmigration is Michigan's unemployment rate, which is highest in the nation.
While Michigan's economy has dragged since the 2001 recession, Johnson's store didn't feel sales drop off until last spring when gas prices spiked toward $4 a gallon.

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