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The sheer cost of woodworking supplies, not to mention the time and energy it takes to set up a woodshop, makes thorough planning essential.
The following are things you may want to consider as you begin to establish your own fine woodworking shop, whether it be in a garage, basement, or dedicated building. In an interesting article on Highland Woodworking’s Wood News Online™, Bruce Lamo discusses which woodworking tools he would buy, based on his 30 years of experience, if he were starting over.
This is a perennial question and has been fodder for many woodworking magazine articles over the years.

Old dressers or bookcases can be used to organize and store your woodworking tools without shelling out a bundle for fancy storage equipment. With access to a commercial cabinet shop – with both old-fashioned and some newer NC machinery, I have a somewhat different perspective on what I need for my home shop where, as I’ve grown older, I’ve grown to use more and more traditional hand tools – with woodworking as a form of relaxation. If your woodworking shop is located in your home or attached garage, consider whether noise and dust will be problems.
Orbital-action models, in which the blades are angled slightly upwards, often make smoother cuts for fine woodworking.

Apparently – from what I see on sale in the Big Box stores – not everyone agrees with me – because they sell a few different brands of 12+ inch surface planers – but nary a stationary jointer.

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