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The stool looks simple enough, and in many ways it is; three legs connected by three stretchers support a round seat. I started in on the second stool, shooting photos as I went for the upcoming magazine article.
I know that you, the reader never do things like this, but perhaps you have a good goof up story about a friend, neighbor or coworker.
I made a four-legged stool this summer, and when I asked someone about adding splines to my mortise & tenon legs going into the seat, they told me to make sure I put the spline across the grain. Your story about Wild Bill reminded me of my Calculus teacher in college, he had lots of funny sayings. Anyway, tee shirt guy was building the Stickley plant stand from one of the Woodworking magazine articles.

The stool can be made of short scrap pieces of mahogany (or your wood of choice) or from a single board 10 in.
SBMathias writes: I made up this handsome stool, but using oak salvaged from shipping pallets. Between the two stools, I had a lot of rungs to cut, so I jigged something up for cutting them. Asian Inspired Bar Stools - Asian - Bar Stools And Counter Stools - edmonton - by Innovative Woodworking Co. The seat shape of this stool is modeled after the old cast iron tractor seats that, despite being made of a very hard material, were so well designed that a farmer could comfortably sit in one all day.
I think about how many nights it would take lying in bed trying to get this all to come together if there had not been an old stool to get pattern from.

You can also see three small holes in the stool seat from where I had mounted it on the lathe's face-plate. For more information about my tractor seat stools or other handmade kitchen counter stools visit my Shaker furniture website. If you read the Woodworking magazine weblog, you’re probably familiar with the saga of the Chinese stool that has been going on since last spring. Three angled through mortises and three compound angled tenons later I tried to dry fit the stool.

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