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28.09.2015 admin
During the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in our shop this spring, furniture maker Jeff Miller came over to my bench and started asking questions about the Wenzloff & Sons no-set backsaw I had hanging over my bench.
I immediately sought to sign him up to write an article on the jig for Popular Woodworking Magazine (more news on that soon, I hope). This summer, Jeff is teaching a class up at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on how to make and use this jig to do incredible precision work by hand. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
Looks like the brass back of the saw is trapped in the slot, and a UHMW strip is used to guide the saw plate so that it stays parallel to the reference surface. Over the years, especially in the last decade or two it seems, a variety of substitute joints and alternative constructions have been contrived to circumvent the mortise and tenon. Using careful measurements and shims, Jeff had dialed in the jig to work with one particular saw.

With its use, tenons may be entirely cut with a saw, discarding the use of a chisel and mallet.
On my right hand I have only an index finger, a thumb with no middle knuckle and not much else – a middle and pinkie that stop before the first knuckle. I assume some sort of shim, clamped to the vertical member, is used to line cut line up with the saw teeth. Jeff looked at the tenon for a moment then walked me over the bench where he was demonstrating. He clamped a piece of work into the jig and within a few minutes he had produced a tenon that rivaled a router-cut tenon.
Sucks because I wanted to go home and build one but never wrote down any specifics on the jig.
I’m gonna have to figure out a way to make it up to his place to take a class from him too.

This board should have a thickness equal to the piece to be cut from the side of the tenon. The space between B and C should be wide enough for the blade of a saw to run through easily, and also long enough to take in the widest part of the saw blade.
The width of the piece removed for the tenon may be varied by putting in pieces of cardboard between the work, E, and the piece A, Fig.

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