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Sand’s shares his shop every Tuesday to a great bunch of guys that help each other grow as a group to fine tune their individual woodworking venues. In one of the groups last meetings, the guys gave back by helping sponsor missionaries in poverty stricken areas of South America. Along with Bill’s giving heart, he also teaches woodworking classes at the Parkersburg Woodcraft store. Pick an issue up at your favorite Woodcraft store, or better yet, pick up an extra issue for a woodworking friend or family member.

The missionaries in Honduras teach the young adults creative productive skills like relief carving.
Look for this page and topic where Scott covers 10 woodworking answers to emails and letters received on subjects of machining, tools, joinery, projects and finishing.
CLICK HERE to download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for Keil's Arts and Crafts library table. The Turning Tuesdays crew provided a supply of carving tools and sharpening stones to that effort, and Bob McKelvey, whose church sponsors these missionaries carried out the delivery of these supplies.

In fact, many times I've been tempted to ask Taunton to produce a woodworking magazine based strictly on the Arts and Crafts styles such as that which came from Gustav and Leopold Stickley, and well as Greene and Greene.

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