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Thanks Doc however it's would be pretty hard to patent this gizmo since it's really a low tech version of a commerical glue spreader minus the $600 price tag.
There are plenty of glue bottle accessories and spreading products already on the market, but it’s nice to see a sort of all-in-one set.
If they come out with a 4oz or 2oz glue bottle, I will definitely be using it for glue as well. Tape glue spreader to the side of the bottle of glue, so you can always find it when you need it. Joe Truini: One way to mind a budget when working on home improvement projects is to get the most out of all the material you buy, even glue.

All of the accessories work with Titebond 16 oz and 32 oz glue bottles, and the set also includes an empty Rockler glue bottle that can be refilled with any brand of glue. Now, what most homeowners do, of course, is they just spread out glue in some lines and they stick the pieces together. The bottom half holds the glue the upper half is a cover, we only have enough clamps to glue up 12 panels at a time so we cover the pot while while one batch is setting up.
My Titebond wood glue bottle has a pointy nozzle, requiring me to use glue spreaders anytime I want to apply more than a drop or two to a workpiece. But what happens, often, is you overuse the glue and you spend more time cleaning up and throwing away glue than you do actually putting the project together.

At this point you can put a finish on the handle and that will help later on in the cleaning off of any glue that might get on it. So, you just use the card, either way, and what you end up with is a nice, even coating of glue. To limit the amount of glue on the roller I made a thickness setter from a piece of formica.

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