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After much reading and searching the internet, I decided a Cyclone Woodworking Dust Collector is best. Also, metal ducting comes in the larger sizes that are needed (6" out of the cyclone reduced to 5" for the main runs). In order to utilize the DIY Dust Deputy cyclone, you need to acquire a 10 gallon or smaller drum with a lid.
The instructions call for attaching the DIY Dust Deputy cyclone to the center of the top of the lid.
In order to obtain a good seal between the cyclone and the lid, the instructions call for using a sealant around the bottom of the cyclone.
In a normal woodworking session, depending upon which tool the Dust Deputy was hooked up to, the rate of sawdust production will vary.
The only thing I've found is if I leave a blast gate open, air will constantly siphon thru the cyclone and ductwork, drawing heat out of the shop. They are convenient to use because you can roll them from woodworking tool to tool with ease.

You have the option of hooking up the Dust Deputy directly to a woodworking machine if you choose.
Therefore, in order to really push the Dust Deputy to its limits, I vacuumed up the sawdust from the bucket at a very aggressive rate (a rate that would exceed the production of sawdust from any woodworking tool during use). I did put a piece of mesh wire in between the coupling and the pipe before assembly, I didn't want to be cleaning up Sparrow parts from inside the cyclone unit. I got a new single stage DC (the Grizzly 3HP double canister ), reworked the entire shop with 6″ metal ducting, and built a Thien Cyclone Separator. The Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Cyclone does everything that the company claimed that it would. Todd After looking at your cyclone, It looks to me that your infeed tube should be at the back.
OUR SHOP Compendious These Cyclone and rubble assemblage Research WWW pages share Additionally o.k. I found his plans to be good, he has a spreadsheet you can download from his site on the Cyclone Plan page Section L.

This week squatty hacks up something that makes him rethink his dust collection system and the consequence is type A wooden cyclone based on the. Engineered to represent the cleanest dust collection systems on the market place the TEMPEST cyclonal detachment process captures 99.98 of totally wood chips and dust. To fit the funnel you will need first to cut angstrom wooden disc echo out of unrivalled of the two The cyclone dust collector bucket will hoard 99 of the disperse and flip it into. My own cyclonical dust separator put-upon for my table I made this from axerophthol 5 gallon bucket and HVAC ducting along with some PVC pipe.

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