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Jim's one and only wood shop class came in summer school between seventh and eighth grades, but he graduated from Pasadena City College with a degree in machine shop technology. Since woodshop vocational classes being offered in city school districts are waning, and with government budget cuts, the public has fewer places to learn and hone woodworking skills. Stevens, who has a background in architecture, has a passion for teaching and sharing woodworking skills.

Stevens says the Community Woodshop is special because of the environment, working with fellow woodworking aficionados. Stevens said he looked at woodshops across the country, creating a list of things he particularly liked about them, and what he felt needed tweaking, so they could create the  best woodworking learning and project environment for their clients. The Community Woodshop is available for monthly memberships and classes, but they also offer day passes, too.

Users of the shop include artists who create sculptures out of exotic hardwoods, an entertainer who makes props for his magic act, as well as enthusiasts who "simply want to learn more about woodworking and create beautiful and useful projects in the process,” says Stevens.

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