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The RunnerDuck wood-clamp rack plan, is step by step instructions on how to build a wood and clamp rack for your shop. I have been fighting my clamp storage for a long time along with trying to find a good place for sheet stock. I decided it was time to make some sort of storage rack that would hold both my clamps and my sheet wood. I made two clamp guides from 1" X 4" by ganging them together and running them through my table saw using my box joint cutter blade.

Build it yourself with help from this paper plan!Keeping your wide assortment of clamps in one place and near your assembly table or workbench is like herding cats. The final straw came when the top of my book case that my long clamps that had been hanging on collapsed dropping all my clamps on the floor.
You may find your spring clamps in one corner of the shop, hand screws in another, your strap clamps in a drawer, and your bar clamps scattered all over. But with this mobile A-frame rack, you can stop the madness and keep everything within arm's reach.

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