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Requiring a work bench to mould woodworking bench joints from Paul gives practical other types of deposits than accessories, some. If you're wondering whether a bench like this can really do the job, I have more than 25 of these benches in my school and they are still going strong after 11 years and 3,500 students. All of this joinery is best cut on the tablesaw with a dado set but it's also possible, if more tedious, to do the work with a standard blade and a miter gauge.
To mount the vise, first make a spacer to fit between the vise and the bottom of the benchtop. Glue and screw the block to the underside of the bench and then clamp the vise in its final position.

And it's capable of holding your work securely, with an end vise that can be used with benchdogs to hold work flat or like a front vise to clamp work upright.
Either way, a single fence setting and a spacer block is used to cut each corresponding joint exactly the same width and in exactly the same place on each leg. You can use it to hold your work vertically for any sawing or chiseling task, or you can use it in conjunction with benchdogs to easily hold a board flat on the benchtop. Mark the location of the vise bolt holes on the bottom of the bench, then use an adjustable square to transfer the locations to the top. I use six small angle irons available from any hardware store and screw them in (turn the bench upside down).

Best of all, you can make this bench in a weekend, to your own dimensions, and you don't need a ton of tools.

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