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Woodwork Routers Uses,5x7 Wood Craft Frames,Adirondack Chair Construction Plans - Downloads 2016

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Cutting a clean and smooth edge on a narrow piece of wood can be tricky, but a router can produce a nicely finished edge every time.
Fasten a support board to the bench to stabilize the router and a stop board to secure it so you don't need clamps.
Cut only on the right side of the jig and push the router away from you; the turning direction of the router bit will pull the router base against the jig. Routers are used to make even and level cuts on both straight and curved edges, and can replicate those cuts on multiple pieces of wood.
The keys to routing clean edges are using a sharp bit and running the router in a counterclockwise direction around the top of the workpiece.
Clamps get in the way of the router and it's hard to keep the base from rocking on the narrow surface.

If you rout on the left side of the jig, the router will tend to wander away from the jig and you'll wind up with a run-amuck dado. That way, the bit pushes the router toward you rather than pulling it away, so it's easier to control and safer. He's even designed a box to hold counterweights opposite the router to prevent fatigue during extended use.
Indeed, many woodworkers consider the router to be the single most versatile woodworking power tool in their arsenal.
They're available at home centers and woodworking stores individually or in kits (Photo 2) that allow you to swap pilot bearings to adjust the rabbet width with the same cutting bit. At its most basic, a router is used to “rout out,” or hollow out, a hole or groove in a piece of wood, metal, or plastic, producing finished edges, cutaways, curved contours, and precise holes.

That gives the router a wider surface to rest on, eliminating any rocking, and forces the workpiece against the support board and the stop, so it doesn't need clamps.
There are literally hundreds of router bits available, all designed for different patterns and uses.

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