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24.12.2014 admin
After previously helping the Glazers successfully take over Manchester United, Woodward was appointed in a financial planning role at the club. Last summer, named the transition period for Manchester United, Moyes and Woodward had the perfect opportunity to show real impetus and assert themselves at the club.
Not willing to meet players buy out clauses and effectively not showing enough forward momentum in negotiations with the clubs and players led to a very long and arduous summer of lowered expectations and false hopes. Now that the season has finished and the transfer window is about to come into full flow, it is now or never for Woodward. Ultimately this summer could be the difference between Woodward sticking in the job or finding himself in need of another position to pay the bills. The challenge in the coming months will be to see if Woodward has lost his taste for the "marquee signing," which has led to him chasing players who might be a box-office draw but who contribute to the imbalance of the squad. To rectify this somewhat, there are indications that Falcao, Robin van Persie, Rafael and Anders Lindegaard may all be on their way toward that "rough summer," which explains why Woodward has been active in the market so early. But with Tottenham's Hugo Lloris in the frame should David De Gea chose to depart, Woodward can focus his main attention on bringing in a blend of youth and experience. El Presidente was moved to labeled United’s vice chairman, Ed Woodward, “inexperienced’ following Madrid’s failed de Gea chase. Base, perhaps, but Perez’ accusation does cut to the heart of supporter concerns about Woodward’s ability to land the biggest deals. The charge from Madrid is perhaps darker still – that Woodward’s bumbling cost the Spanish giants a player, De Gea the move he so obviously desires, and United a ?29 million fee. Whatever the truth, Perez’ narrative strikes a chord with some precisely because it hints at that wider perceived truth about Woodward.
The problem is that United could and should have bought at least two more players of experience and quality if they wanted to genuinely challenge for say the league title this season.

Veteran reporter Bob Woodward explains his latest rift with a sitting administration.Woodwardgate is a textbook case.
The experiment with David Moyes concluded in the Scotsman leaving the position less than 12 months into the job and it seems that his former executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, is feeling the pressure to produce the goods this summer or fall to the same fate as the former manager. Over the summer, Van Gaal, Woodward and Giggs must work together to ensure that United's balance returns and their future at the top of the English game is secure once more. The former banker has brought in more than ?250 million in new talent since taking over from David Gill, but the impression remains that more astute executives have too often outmaneuvered Woodward. The Belgian’s technical excellence, pace and potential goal threat are all qualities Van Gaal has publicly identified as missing from his squad. Woodward’s failure to land a world superstar may haunt the executive; his inability to fill all of the holes in Van Gaal’s squad is likely to limit the team’s competitiveness.
When Woodward wrote his infamous column last weekend, the small band of liberal bloggers and opinion writers, we who fashion ourselves (or more accurately were once fashioned by a Bush aide speaking on background who was probably Karl Rove) the “reality-based community,” all wrote that Woodward was just factually wrong. With the illustrious history of the club behind him, guarantees of Champions League football and a real promise of fighting for the title once again, Woodward should have had more than enough firepower to interest a number of quality players to move to the Old Trafford side. Whilst Woodward may have seen the acquisition of Fellaini as a great addition to the side, to many it was a buy out of pure desperation.
After a problematic transfer period in the summer the possibility of Woodward wanting to sign big names to boost his reputation, rather than want to acquire players the club sorely needs may cause the club to go for talents that are not sorely needed. The club's executive vice-chairman has been the subject of sustained criticism for the last couple of years, but the £25 million signing of Memphis Depay, for both its timing and its quality, suggest that Woodward has learned from the brutal lessons of the last two years. After all, subtly is a quality that rarely fares well amid all the media noise that accompanies each summer’s extended haggling.
What the rest of Washington was interested in was the simple fact that it was Bob Woodward saying it.

Since replacing David Gill in 2012, the previous chief executive of United, Woodward has found life more troubling, especially in the acquisition of wold class players to Old Trafford.
The deal was way over the realistic price for the former Everton midfielder and after such a promising start to proceedings the whole debacle seemed like a last minute purchase just to prove that Woodward could indeed bring players into the club. Woodward has seemingly continued his fine form of brokering fantastic deals for Manchester United, but sadly his best deals seem to have come in a business fashion, rather than more importantly on the players that the club sorely needs to make sure United do not fall behind their every improving rivals. It is not the first time that observation has been made about United’s transfer strategy under Woodward. If Woodward was attempting to replicate the effectiveness that Gill had in the transfer market, the first season did not inspire many similar feelings. As teams fly out to train for the international competition and the tournament running over a period of three weeks, Woodward could essentially lose over a month of potential negotiating with their primary targets.
And then, once it became a Woodward-Gene Sperling story, it was entirely about their relationship, whether Sperling’s words were indeed threatening, and so on.This would be dismissible, but it actually had an insidious impact. But surely there is some set (however bizarre) of impulses and rules that lets Bob Woodward say what he said, and Politico promote it as if it were a feud between two soap opera stars, with both walking away essentially unharmed, as they likely will (certainly in Politico’s case; Woodward’s black eye will need a little time to heal).
Because outside of liberal-land, Woodward’s lie about the goal posts has basically been permitted to stand, which has played very much to conservatives’ advantage. The midfield has been lacking all season and is in dire need of strengthening, both out wide and in the middle, and now the defence has lost a lot of experience, so many will hope that Woodward addresses the key areas in the team rather than signing big names for self-gain.

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