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Behind him the Beau Sejour disintegrated, its wooden splinters cutting down the sentries and anyone else close by. The de Havilland Mosquito, one of the most successful aircraft of World War Two, had an airframe composed entirely of wood. Diy small wooden projects American wood crafters Baltic birch plywood supplier Tractor supply gun safe Plans to build corner shelf Wood finishing dye vs.
The genius of deHavilland was he foresaw there would be a shortage of aluminum and skilled metal workers but their was no shortage of wood, wood working shops, and wood makers.
The article is called During WWII Germans started building fake wooden airports with fake wooden planes. The RAF’s high-altitude Mosquito bombers were made entirely of wood and German radar often failed to pick them up.

The British, who can afford aluminum better than we can, knock together a beautiful wooden aircraft that every piano factory over there is building, and they give it a speed which they have now increased yet again. A wooden airplane in a war all about lead and steel is amazing that it survived let alone became the most successful.
And he built the first planes on spec since the RAF thought the idea was absurd and wouldn’t pay for the first models. Therefore, the XP-77 was intended to outmaneuver the Zero-Sen and be constructed mainly of wood. It also functioned equally well as a high altitude night bomber, night fighter, U-boat hunter, photo reconnaissance plane, daytime low altitude bomber, and daytime fighter. In between these designs was the diminutive XP-77, which was an early configuration for the P-39 dusted off and redesigned to use non-strategic materials, mainly wood.

Bell proposed building their Tri-4, a wooden fighter with an estimated top speed of 410 mph at 27,000 feet, carrying two 20 mm cannons and two .50 cal.
In Europe, nimble wooden fighters had already been built and used with some degree of success. The fuselage of the Mosquito was made of balsa wood pressed between two layers of cedar plywood. Further evaluation showed that the little wooden fighter did not offer any advancement over existing production fighters.

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