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We are a very small company specializing in handmade wood jewelry and other functional yet decoative boxes. Quality of our wood boxes is the essence of our work and we guarantee that you or the gift recipient be pleased or your purchase is fully returnable. We will make minor repairs to your wood box at no cost to you other than the shipping of your wood box back to us. If you see an box that particularly strikes your fancy we will strive to duplicate it to the best of our abilities. Generally, the odder shaped wood jewelry boxes are inherently less functional yet their eye-catching appeal gives them a stand alone quality for an unuasual adornment to your home decor. Our boxes are deisgned and crafted to become future family heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation.

As each piece of wood is truly unique we can never duplicate a wood jewelry box that you see on our website. There are no miter joints and the boxes themselves are not make of strips of thin wood joined together.
That is why we place the photograph of the actual wood jewelry box you'll be receiving on each page. The wood boxes are first sanded, then sealed and then sanded and steel wooled again before beginning to apply the finish coats.
The lid of the box as actually cut from the entire wood block and then the inner pocket is machined out, sanded and then sealed proir to lining.
The box top is then adorned with a highly figured wood species, such as burl or other figured woods.

Once Al has made the box and Deb has finished the box we must apply the lining, which again takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure. The Baked Femo Clay knobs add that special bit of class and elegance to the overall jewelry box presentation.

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