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Albuquerque Hardwoods services all of New Mexico, Southern Colorado, West Texas, and the Texas Panhandle with three convenient locations.
For this reason alone we do not believe teak furniture and other imported wood products are suitable for bed frames, nightstands and other bedroom furniture. When everything is taken into consideration, we at Dapwood believe that it is not only irresponsible to import teak furniture but equally dangerous to live with this wood. We would love everyone to choose our products but if you don’t, please ask makers where their wood comes from and if it at least has an FSC listing.

While Dapwood is always open to customer requests (because after all we proudly promote the fact that unlike most competitive brands, we craft furniture to customer’s individual specifications) we do not believe teak furniture to be an eco friendly, or quite frankly, a morally acceptable solid wood. One third of the world’s supply coming from Burma (officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar), with the balance of teak production coming from Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. Burma has long been considered a pariah state, isolated from the rest of the world, using teak as a source of foreign exchange as a primary means of supporting one of the most brutal military regimes in power. Or better yet, choose furniture and other products made from sustainably harvested, solid woods from American.

Research has shown that toxic pesticides used in the fumigation process are effective in as much as they penetrate into the wood and kill any infestation.

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