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The Peterborough Canadien is a just-under 16 foot canoe, designed for speed, not stability. STRIPPER is a ribless canoe made from narrow wood strips, covered with fiberglass inside and out. Tried out the Scullmatix today at Lake Woodlands with my second generation oar and it's a treat. Sculling one handed almost always ends up with the oar going wildly out of proper angle of attack after only a few strokes. I just wanted to drop a note to you folks thanking you for your quick order processing and for carrying a great line of products that folks like me use in building our own boats.

The composite construction produces high strength with low weight while displaying the natural beauty of the wood. I'm going to use one section each port and starboard for drinking water and another section each port and starboard full of canned goods and heavy items. Yes, these craft are labor intensive, but the building method requires more patience than skill. The material required for building is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the worth of the finished craft.
All aspects of construction are detailed, from the simple building jig through the planking process.

The next trip out I hope will be with someone who can take a video of the assembly, launch and sailing of the Pollywog, for your readers pleasure. Hull speed is calculated to be about 6 knots, but with a strong wind it felt like I was sailing much faster.

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