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I purchased this router table insert 4 years ago, while building my custom free-standing router table and cabinet.
I recently purchased a new router table and fence (item #2392) and the stand, I was in desperate need of a safety switch. Our editors choose four accessories that will dramatically improve your table's performance. These clear, shatter resistant squares can be drilled, cut or routed as needed to make your router table inserts, safety shields, router fixtures or projects.
When making book or display cases, louvered vents or any tricky angle cuts the Router Table Crosscut Sled can't be beat.
Just plug your router into the Safety Power Switch router cord and plug the Safety Power Switch power cord into the wall outlet.
Also, especially for the novice woodworker, the router plate installation kit would definitely save time and effort for accurate placement of the insert on the tabletop.
The next evolution in woodworking is here–the versatile GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Push block. Our brand new push block gives you better control when pushing smaller stock through your router on a table top surface.
This easy to use jig will allow you to make repetitive thin rip cuts on the left side of the saw blade on your tablesaw. Safety Note: When cutting thin strips on your table saw you must use a Zero-Clearance inset (sold separately) to prevent the stock from binding between the blade and factory insert. Kreg Precision Router Table Setup Bars make adjustments to router tables, shapers and table saws very simple and very precise.

Includes a masonite routing template, guide bushing (fits Porter-Cable® style baseplate opening) and instructions.
Providing an economical and safer solution, the Router Table Crosscut Sled gives woodworkers an alternative to using a stacked dado blade set and miter gauge on table saws. Mounts quickly and prevents reaching under the table to turn off your router, WHICH GREATLY INCREASES SAFETY! Exactly the same switch as above but needs to be hardwired to the router motor and to power cord. It let me quickly and safely turn the power off with a small movement of my knee against the enlarged paddle instead of having to reach under the table. The under side of my table is boxed for dust collection so I routed the output cord through a handi-box recep on the out side and then into the enclosure to accept the router cord.
Just plug your router into the Power Switch and plug the Power Switch into the wall outlet. I was even more surprised to see that I could add two additional cords to this switch, which will be handy for running the router and a shop-vac all from one switch. Made of a composite rubber the pad on the push block is designed grip your stock and provide excellent control while pushing your stock through the router. Our SOLID CAST IRON router table top with lift out router insert gives you the best of both worlds! This easy to usa jig will allow you to make repetitive thin rip cuts on the left side of the saw blade on your tablesaw. Unique design straddles the router bit or saw blade to allow for more precise height adjustment.

I really like this Woodpeckers fence because you get everything you need: tall fence panels, T-slots, a dust port that actually fits my shop vacuum, leveling screws to keep the fence square to the table, shims for offset jointing, and a see-through bit guard.
GRR-RIP BLOCK’s cutting edge technology increases safety and stability when working with jointers, band saws, router tables, shapers and table saws. Step on the end of each setup bar used to test the fence depth of a tablesaw blade or router bit. As a 40-year veteran cabinetmaker, I’ve used this product hundreds of times on both hard and soft woods and have found it to be accurate, reliable and a definite time saver. Also includes concentric rings on bottom of plate for easy alignment when installing router. Made from a soft aluminum designed to prevent damage to your router bit or saw blade if contact is made during setup.
There’s no signs of warping and I never had a problem with sagging, when using a heavy duty router.
The router mounting plate gives plenty of room to drill extra mounting holes for additional routers.
Machined to our exacting specifications our cast iron router wing is built to last, and built to perform. Set includes 7 setup bars stored in a portable case that protects the bars and makes it easy for woodworkers to locate the correct bar for their application.

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