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04.04.2015 admin
Anyone who is interested in having a wood floor in there home should first consider installing a porcelain plank tile instead.
The potential for water leaks is very high in condos with many connecting units and a flooding will not effect a properly installed tile floor on reinforced concrete. I am out of town with our 3 young kids while our kitchen and back room are being remodeled (I know, I know never leave during a reno) and my husband sent me pics of our new wood look tile floor. With the size of your planks, the setter would have been better off using an offset of thirds. With wood flooring, there are standards for laying the boards, spacing the end joints, both for structural and aesthetic reasons.
If rach's floor were wood, the joints would be structurally bad both because they are the weak H pattern and because the joint of the middle board is also too close to the neighboring board's end point. If you look at the link posted by beekeeperswife, you will see an installation done by Bill Vincent, whom many people on this forum regard as the ultimate tile setter.
Also, the installation of these large format tiles cannot follow the rules for wood flooring, due to the warpage of the tile.
This condo was tiled throughout the living room, kitchen and hallway with 12" and 6" rialto tile. It is a skill many younger tile installers don't get to learn because of the many products that have been introduced that replace the need for mud like kerdi kits, cementboard and self leveling concrete. They're all the same length (not random lengths like wood), and they can only be offset by a certain amount due to the warpage (those long, skinny tiles tend to warp during manufacture).

I would think a good tiler would have done a better job making it look like random planks but the over all job looks good.
Of course, there will have to be a random stair step - you can't lay ANY tile without one horizontal edge on one plank intersecting with the side of an adjacent plank (LOL) - he's talking about a predictable stair step.
Research the layout and have them do a large sample for you so you can see how it will go down next time.
I don't think the wood-look tile fools anybody, and I hate it when one material tries to mimic another material. I will take back calling the guy a hack if he was just a laborer, not a tile pro, who simply misunderstood what he was supposed to do. Old carpet was removed from this 2nd floor porch and was replaced with tile to provide a much better looking outdoor area. The tile installer laid the tiles in a pattern that I feel makes the floor look choppy and much more like tile than wood. If the stair stepping is done in a subtle, not predictable way, then floor will look much more natural and even if you aren't trying to fool people that it is wood (which we aren't), you still don't want it to look like a checkerboard, IMO. This installation gives it a unique look, and lets it be known that it isn't really trying to pass itself off as wood, (which it never will). That's unlike the wood flooring example I pointed out (a known hack technique, check out the link). With a liquid applied membrane and quality thinset extreme abuse is the only thing that can damage the floor, and even then, chipped or cracked tiles caused by abuse are a cheap easy fix in comparison to other floor covering choices.

I had assumed (I know, mistake #2) that the tiles would be laid randomly to look like a true hardwood floor as this is what seems to be the standard way of doing things based on all that I have read. If length of tile divides evenly into the length of the room, then need to arbitrarily cut off a random sized piece from the tiles so they will not line up evenly. It would also no sooner resemble or reference a wood floor, which is the whole idea to begin with. Still, even a tile setter, laborer, should question anything that seems odd, imo; or ensure they understand the layout correctly before proceeding.
If the OP wanted a certain layout, they should have communicated that BEFORE the tile was laid.
If it hasn't, be sure to do sample boards and choose a grout that blends with the tile rather than contrasts with it.
If he has a new style or shape tile he's unfamiliar with, he'd talk to the HO and do a little research first. I had someone put in a floor for me once, and they chose (what I thought were) the best tiles to put in the closet, because they thought those were the worst tiles!

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