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More and more woodworkers are bringing power jointers and planers into their shops, often pushing hand planes into dusty corners. The block plane owes its handy size in part to the shallow angle between the blade--or iron--and the sole. Working safely at the tablesaw means keeping your workpiece under control and your hands a safe distance from the blade. Shop-Made Hand PlaneBuild an heirloom-quality tool using just scraps and an $11 plan iron.There's a certain satisfaction that comes from using a tool you made yourself.
You hold it in one hand, as shown in picture 2, with the rounded top of the iron cap (see the Plane Parts illustration, bottom right of the article) in your palm. While we work through a series of essential hand tool exercises - flattening boards to polished smoothness, jointing two edges for an invisible glue joint, fairing curves, working to a pattern, refining joints, and a whole lot more - we’ll build fun small tables. Planing bevels or chamfers by hand often is almost as fast as machining them, considering setup time.
American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014.
Whatever the planing task before you or the type of plane to be used, there are some constants.
Most planes work best two-handed, with the left hand guiding the plane at the front, the right driving from the rear.

A sharp, properly adjusted hand plane allows a woodworker to peel a whisper-thin shaving from wood while leaving a surface of unsurpassed quality. Even so, a block plane's cutting edge meets the wood at about the same angle as a bench plane's. Saturday workshop: PRECISION WITH HAND TOOLS, a series of demonstrations with a variety of essential hand tools, covering sharpening, tuning, and using. When sawing a tapered part, many woodworkers like to cut slightly outside the layout line, then sand down to it.
Designing and building a small cabinet is an ideal way to explore some of these fundamentals: strong case joinery, choosing appropriate materials, working with solid wood and wood movement, case backs, corner details, making and attaching moldings, and edge profiles of the top. You may also find that positioning the front hand so that the fingertips or the heel of the hand just brush the stock may help guide your stroke. A block plane handles many tasks, including some that would be difficult or unsafe to perform with power tools.
This is a stunning place to be this time of year, and the two weeks overlap with the WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL, an event not to missed if you love boats.
WOOD® magazine's master craftsman, Chuck Hedlund, even sharpens flat carpenter's pencils with a block plane.
And, among hand planes, the block plane ranks near the top for versatility and convenience.

That’s because removing wood releases tension, causing the board to slightly change its original shape.
For hardwoods, begin by planing diagonally to the grain, perhaps at a forty-five- degree angle, more with some hardwoods. West Dean is an amazing estate of over 6000 acres, with many types of gardens, fields, iron age ruins, and a variety of course offerings from fine art to metal work, woodworking and tapestry weaving, and much, much more.
These low-angle planes slice through wood more easily, but may cause tear-out along the grain. If the plane you are using has a depth stop, work until it contacts the workpiece and stops the planing. You can choose to make a frame door with wooden panel, or take the following class (see below), and build a door with mullions and panes of glass.
Our discussion will cover good case joinery and the support for our drawers, shaping the fair curves of the case and drawers, lamination and other alternatives to shaping the faces out of solid stock, building drawers to a pattern, smoothing and fitting parts with planes and other hand tools, and no doubt a whole lot more. Likewise, be sure the heel sits flush to the board as the plane reaches the end of the planing stroke, shifting some of your weight to the back of the tool.

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