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19.02.2015 admin
We don’t have any napkin rings, so when I saw these beautiful wooden ones, I had to get them. These pink, purple and green floral cloth napkins were a dollar or something, so I bought them (a set of six). Between two different sales we went to that day, I amassed this collection of vintage Reader’s Digest books. The Wood Napkin Rings will bring the simple, organic element to your outdoor banquet or wedding reception.

For the past few weeks, Drew and I have been spending our Saturday mornings going to tagged estate sales.
With their carved detail and unfinished appearance, these rings are perfect for country-themed receptions or formal Thanksgiving dinners. For a lovely, eco-friendly arrangement, pair these holders with burlap tablecloths and earth-toned napkins. Since estate sales are generally for homes of older people that have passed away or are downsizing to a living facility or something, estate sales really offer unique and vintage finds and more often than not, they have real wooden furniture and things that are older and much more well made than some newer things today.

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