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Simplicty and the beauty of solid wood come to together in this headboard to transform a room. Fantastic plans - was just talking to husband about wanting a headboard and went to your blog, and there it was!
I think we got a higher grade wood, because it ended up costing us just over $100 for the wood, nails, glue, and other little things. A couple of months ago I spotted a DIY project for a salvaged barnwood headboard over on Design Sponge—immediately forwarding the link to my boyfriend.
A friend of his had some old fence boards in need of a good home, so we took them off his hands, hit up Home Depot for a few supplies and then got started on making our headboard.
At any rate, here are some pictures we took during the project and some shots of our headboard in its final resting place. Like the name says, this website gathered together a great collection of headboards for beds for all tastes and budgets.
Twin headboard is an excellent approach to refresh a bedroom given that they can add beautiful colors to a dull design making it attractive and charming. White headboard is particularly valuable in opposition to a contrasting wall color, whether or not painted in vibrant or even refined shades. While the headboard has actually been done for months now, it just recently made it’s way to our new home that we share together in Sacramento.

I know we bleached the wood first (to kill any bugs) and then sprayed it with a solution we made by soaking a steel wool in vinegar. If you are looking for upholstered headboards, tufted, fabric, metal, wrought iron, wood, whicker, bookcase storage, in whatever size, king, queen, full size or twin, colorful or not, by following our recommendations, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Whether you use it to make a reclaimed wood headboard, dining table, coffee table, or any other piece of furniture in your home, it will give the piece a special feel and look.
Resembling nature, wooden headboards, driftwood lamps and natural fiber bed coverings will bring a little of the outdoors into your home.
Some wood headboard models are supposed to look antique particularly when they consist of curvy profiles, curving lines and carved ornamental details, but can be obtained completely new. The bed is often the centerpiece of the room, therefore it is a good idea to highlight it more with the help of a proper headboard which must match the entire style of the bedroom. What better way to do that than with a black bedroom suit with a black headboard at the center.
Luckily there are options out there, such as a storage headboard that will help you to maximize the little bit of space you have to work with. When there are so many different options, designs and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision.View in galleryHopefully, our huge list of headboard ideas can offer you some inspiration. Of course, you want your headboard to be the focal point of the entire room, so you will want to choose carefully from your choices.

However, there is a new type of wingback design that has become extremely popular as well and it’s known as the wingback headboard.
Even though there are many other types of headboards like upholstered headboards, metal, seagrass and so on, this conventional headboard is still in fashion today because the design can be customized by skilled craftsmen, giving them a look that simply cannot be compared with others. White headboards make an exciting element within the bedroom, and looks great alongside a dark colored wall. A wooden pallet can be made from reclaimed pieces if you want to add character to the design or to preserve the story behind the material or it can be made from pallets, very efficient and very cheap. It’s the image that counts in this case and not any of the other features that come with an actual headboard.
If you want to add a vintage touch to your bedroom or you prefer recycled elements instead of new ones, a very nice idea would be to use your old doors as a headboard. You could paint the wall or you could choose a headboard that beautifully combines art with comfort and functionality.

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