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While duck carving began for practical reasons, it has extended to purely artistic creations that one would be hard pressed to determine whether real or wooden. The LWCCG was founded 40 years ago and is the largest and second-oldest carving club in North America.
The number of members took a hit in the wake of Hurricane Katrina with so many members losing their carving tools and supplies and others moving away. Members of LWCCG will present information and images at the professional development meeting for art teachers Wednesday at Bonne Ecole Elementary School in Slidell.
Carving teacher Mike Bonner concurred with Reeves and Kincade, “I would hate for this to be a dying art.

Twenty-five years ago, 14-year-old Jennifer Halter arrived at the gates of New Bethany Home for Girls.
Using a knife or a chisel to create wooden art began in the Middle Ages in Italy and France where most products were created in reverence of Christian themes. They met with local artists, Mickey and Milo Asche, to gather advice and to compile information and create a prospectus for an exciting opportunity for St. Sharpe was enthusiastic about the opportunity for students to learn and compete for the cash prizes and rewards.
By 1800, wood carving extended to America to fulfill a need for making duck sculptures to float in waterways in an effort to attract live ducks that would provide food for hunters.

Entry fees are $10 for the first entry and $5 for the second, with only two entries allowed.
Slidell carving artist Ken Kincade said that he has done his part for the younger generation by involving his grandchildren.

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