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I have never had to fix damaged wood like this before and I really wasn’t sure how to go about it. Gather your supplies and let’s get started; you will need one container of J-B Weld Kwikwood (a little bit goes a long way), sandpaper or sanding blocks for course, medium and fine grit, a putty knife or 5 in 1 tool and that pink thing in the picture below. Fast curing, black*, two-part filled epoxy repair filler with excellent flexural strength and excellent bond strength. The filler is supplied complete with the necessary fast epoxy hardener which will cure the filler in around 2hrs. Our Black Epoxy Repair Filler is suitable for repairing cracks or gaps in carbon fibre parts to improve the appearance of a damaged area, add strength and discourage deterioration of the damaged area. Filling cracked or knotty wood without using wood putty may seem a difficult task, but there are a few options. Very thin finishes, like a single coat of Danish oil wiped on and off, may appear shinier over the epoxy. Epoxy works very well with wood; it bonds well and would not cause any contamination issues with the surrounding area, providing that it was mixed thoroughly at the correct ratio.

You can add epoxy pastes or pigments up to 10 percent by weight, or about four teaspoons per cup of mixed epoxy. When I got home, as soon as I stepped through the door I knew something was up – there on the floor at my feet was a pile of wood splinters that seem to have originated from the mud bench inside the door. Kwikwood is an epoxy putty, it has a tan outside around a white center, it kind of looks like candy so you probably shouldn’t leave it laying around for your kids or troublesome dogs to find. Once I got it into the general shape of the trim I used the putty knife to create the straight and slanted edges and I used the crochet hook to create the groove, it really was the perfect tool, it has a slightly pointed end with a rounded edge.
Much less thick than a conventional filler (like body filler) this epoxy filler is more of a very thixotropic resin allowing it to easily be teased into cracks on a repair where its excellent bond strength and black pigmentation make it the perfect choice for repairs to light damage on carbon fibre parts. Our Black Epoxy Repair Filler can also be used to seal the edges on sandwich core panels (route a few mm of the core material away and then smooth filler into the cavity).
Cracks filled with epoxy can allow you to create an even finish that wouldn't otherwise be possible. With powders, pastes and concentrates, first mix the two parts of the epoxy together thoroughly, then stir in the colorant.

For 6 months I thought about how I would repair the chewed off corners of everything, then one day I decided to try using wood filler. It said right on the packaging “for gnawed off wood corners!” Not really, but it does say for rotted and damaged wood and it was only a few dollars so I figured what have I got lose.
After you cut off what you need just knead with your fingers until the putty is one colour.
For those who don’t know – you cannot mold wood filler into any kind of shape – that ended up being an epic fail. Small amounts of universal colorants or liquid dye concentrates, up to two percent by weight, will also work, provided you leave a week before sanding and finishing to allow the solvents to escape from the cured epoxy.
Fill the void just slightly proud of the surrounding surface so you can sand the cured epoxy flush.

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