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Liberon Palette Wood Dye - Wood Finishes: Osmo, Liberon and more inc Varnishes and Wood Stains! Liberon Palette Wood DyeLiberon Palette Wood Dye is a water based, acrylic high quality wood dye for colouring bare wood.
WOOD DYE - For use on bare wood prior to finishing with any of Rustin’s wood finishes.
Interior Wood Stains and Dyes - Wood Finishes: Osmo, Liberon and more inc Varnishes and Wood Stains!
A selection of water and solvent based wood stains and dyes are available to bring definition to the wood grain, to enhance the appearance of the surface, to match existing or different species of wood or to compliment architectural features. The type of wood stain used will also determine the type of top coat you can use as a finish, not all wood stains and dyes are compatible with the final top coat finish.
Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent is a staining agent creating unique patina wood colour shades to all types of wood, for ageing wood flooring and panelling, benefits from the latest innovations in staining wood and highlighting the natural wood grain.
Liberon Spirit Wood Dye is ideal for use on hardwoods and for furniture restoration and is a traditional ethanol based dye which penetrates deep into the wood.

Polyx Oil Tints offer a high quality, eco friendly coloured foundation for all wood floors. Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent for all interior wood work including furniture and childrens toys.
Oil based non-grain raising wood dye, for new or stripped wood, prior to finishing with any Rustins wood finishes or other suitably compatable finishes.
Liberon Tint and Wax is a wood dye and wax mix combination, ideal for decorating, enhancing and protecting interior bare wood such as furniture, doors, panelling and skirting in a quick application.
Osmo Wood Wax Finish Creative can be used as a transparent or opaque wood finish for interior application, all the advantages of oils and waxes in one unique product. Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of any previous finishes, wax, oil, grease and dust. Precautions: The final colour depends on the final coating used, and the original colour of the wood. Please always test product on a spare or inconspicuous area for compatibility and end result.

Please also see our Wood Stains and Dyes product pages for alternative wood dyes and our Rustins product section for the full range of Rustins products stocked. Different shades may be intermixed to make an infinite variety of natural wood shades. Available in nine colours including Silver and Gold grain effect and the new Raw shade (for a natural look) Colour Tints add character to a room and helps create a wide variety of tones and moods.
In one simple operation it produces a rich professional satin finish, extremely durable, water repellent and dirt resistant. Dissolve in hot water to make your own brown wood stain, intensity of colour is controled by the strength of dilution.

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