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I mounted a wooden top on and bored holes for casters to be inserted in the top for cylindrical carvings like totem poles. I like the hydra system also but it is out of my price range unless I was making big money for my carving. I understand what you mean about bringing the wood pieces closer together but waht I would recommend is cutting some of the wood off the tapered edges to result in less wood contacting the ball which in turn will result in less area contacting with the same amount of pressure applied = an increase in Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) & will clamp the ball a little tighter. 145$ seems alright, i wanted to get it because i was carving some rocks as a base on a bear carving and hate carving on my nees in concrete or stressing my back bending over. SF do make smaller, non-hydraulic clamps too but none is actually designed for woodcarvers. However, I've had mine for over 20 years now and it's proved one of the best carving investments I've ever made. Sometimes I just move the carving around into different positions to see how versatile it is.

Another idea I saw while scouring the internet for ideas, was to use a bag filled with sand to support the carving, then secure the carving in place with a band clamp (over the carving, the sand bag and the bench). And one of my favorites, the flapwheel sander, I saw this idea on one of the other carving forums and it works very well, slow speed drills around 800 rpm work the best for the wheel. In the end you'll develop or acquire an array of options, which you'll adapt to the carving in hand. I then recessed the head to a tight fit (I'm a woodcarver after all!) and a little below the surface.
I started doing some CAD drawings of the vise I will try to post them when I have time with a material list and measurements.
Tie this idea together with the addition of a vacuum pump hose connected below the bowling bowl and it would be a rock solid carving stand. One of the simplest and possibly oldest ways of holding work is to leave waste wood by which you hold the carving and which you eventually cut off.

My machinist vice that generates more psi but has less surface area will not hold a wooden board as well as my wood vise that has more surface area but not as much psi.
You might, say, add length to the base of your in-the-round carving and hold the waste wood in a vice.You can carve right round and into this waste wood and eventually free the figure without a base if you choose. Rwenzoski02-18-2009, 07:04 AMI agree with the PSI increasing as the contact area is reduce, simple math, but the frictional factor is what is making the difference between the two vises.

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