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12.12.2014 admin
I also want to mention that I did have to move the HVAC vent forward so it came out the front of the window seat. Build a small framing wall with 2×4 lumber that fits perfectly in the front width of the bay window. Cut and attach 2×4 boards on the angled walls of the bay window and stop them at the front framing wall. Cut the two middle seat panels down to size and route all the front bench panel edges with a router and a rounded bit.
Use a jigsaw to cut the profile for the new window stools (if you saved the old ones you can use them as a guide).

At this point in the window seat build, we ran our plank walls up the sides of the windows, and capped them off with Howe casing. The bench turned out to be awesome, but from your notes it sounds like a very advanced project. I was looking at the 10 Dreamy window seats that you posted and noticed several, if not all, are the taller height, even taking the thickness of cushions into consideration. My hubby wouldn’t let me do that to our window in our dining room which is why our banquette looks the way it does! So many window seats are too high in comparison to the height of the table, unless you are seating small children there.

All those sentiments and more have been going through my head since I finished the built-in window seat in our bay window.

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