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Hopefully you’ve found the perfect pre-built website for your business and are ready to explore website hosting and maintenance options. Because of the popularity of the CMS that we use, is so popular, it is often targeted by hackers who will try to tap into your site and wreak havoc. Because this can be a cumbersome task, The Web Design People has created a suite of Website Maintenance Service Plans. Please note that due to the nature and format of The Web Design People’s products and services, no refund policy is offered.
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With generous disk space and visitor traffic, web hosting from The Web Pro lets you launch a powerful website and gives you all the tools you need to build and maintain your online presence. Web Pro Tournament Manager is the most advanced web-based software platform available to manage your fishing tournament and display real-time scoring and results for your teams and anglers. Each plan also includes Softaculous auto-install software, statistics, online backups, virus filtering, SSH access, Litespeed web server, and supports PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Perl 5.8, SSI, and more. An official response from StableHost verified that their website is being automatically throttled due to heavy resource usage. Our plans are packed with features and benefits that matter to business owners, not server administrators and are designed to help you keep your eyes on your business strategy, not your websites control panel. As soon the developers of the CMS find these vulnerabilities, they create patches to fix them, leading to regular updates that will keep your website installation clean and safe.
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Today, the need for rapid, decisive, and cost efficient responses to a shifting and challenging market place, and the need to gain team-wide alignment and commitment to these responses, require fresh ideas and the methodologies to create them. We also take care of more routine IT tasks like application development, website designing and maintenance, and web publishing.
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