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You can convert the Veritas Low-angle Block Plane and Standard Block Plane into chamfer planes in seconds with this cunning guide. The bevel-up configuration of the Veritas low-angle block plane lets you vary the blade angle to suit the task, from low-angle blades for use on end grain to high-angle blades on figured wood.
We offer inexpensive hardwood grips to adapt the low-angle block plane into a small bevel-up smoothing plane that can work a wide variety of woods, providing the firm hold and greater leverage needed to plane difficult wood. The ball tail and tall knob can convert the Veritas low-angle block plane into a small low-angle smoothing plane.
This is the polished version of the new Veritas planes and is a part of their new premium line.

The blade is skewed at a 15° angle, which makes cutting easier, either with or across the grain, and helps pull the fence tight against the work.
The plane is available in left- and right-hand models (neither is for left- or right-handed use only, but having both lets you handle any grain direction).
However, steeper cutting angles require more force to push the plane—a challenge for those with small hands or less strength. Used with these simple retrofits, the plane works similarly to a #3 smoothing plane for small-scale work, working in tight areas, and for use by children or those with small hands or less strength. It excels at trimming rabbets, working end grain, or making final jointing cuts on boards, plus you can use it in all the ways you would a regular block plane.

The small, square teeth leave a textured surface that can be smoothed with a finely set plane or a scraper.
The lever cap has been extensively redesigned to integrate cleanly with the plane body and provide an almost continuous hand-contact surface, with tactile cues for finger placement.

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