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In case you have a big family with more than two kids, the triple bunk-beds would be a great idea for your kids’ room.
The pictures we are showing you here could to give you an idea about how to assemble your own triple bunk-beds. You can also paint them in any color you want, but for this, be sure that they match with the rest of the room.
You can opt for a nice simple design or choose the intricate types, like the L-shaped bunk bed with drawer incorporated.

Another great idea would be to make them as colorful as possible since your kids will love this.
Some come even in baby sizes in order to make it easier for the parents to buy this type of beds from an early age. You can make a part of the bunk-bed to be suitable for boys – this means you can choose a bit darker colors, or paint some motives such as cars or ships. For girls, brighter colors, like pink and yellow would be just perfect, and you can also paint some cute flowers on the sides of the beds.

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