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Our first house in Springfield had a huge Oak tree in our wild, rambling backyard so I made Sebastian a tree swing once he was big enough to enjoy it.
To attach the rope: leaving the rope as one long length, slide one end of the rope though a hole starting on the top side of the swing. All I had as a kid was a tire swing, but it certainly got used a lot by myself, as well as the neighborhood kids. We hope our pic arouse you to be implemented in your nice house.There are 10 captivating pics more that you can see below including Tree Swing Made Of Wooden Pallets And Rope image, Amusing Tree Swing Made Of Dining Room Chair image, Comfortable Tree Swing With Pillows image, Tree Swing Use Old Tires image, Tree Swing Made Of Skateboard And Rope image, Tree Swing Decorated Swings With DIY Logo image, and other.

We were so sad to leave it behind when we moved, especially since our second house had absolutely no trees large enough to support even a family of squirrels much less a toddler.
But I’ve never had a healthy tree on my property, nor one with the right kind of limbs. Our new place came with a good-sized apple tree right in the middle so as soon as the weather warmed up I decided it was time for another swing. Take the remaining rope and thread it through the holes on the opposite side, starting on the top side of the swing and running it along the bottom and up through.

The rope of the swing should now be a giant loop; find the center of the rope and cut apart so that your rope is now separated. Cut your 1x2x8 piece so that it's 2.5' long (or as long as your swing seat if you choose longer).

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