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Bibliochaise: The Bibliochaise, designed by Giovanni Gennari and Alisee Matta, contains 16 feet 3 inches of shelf space and comes in white or black with leather cushions. Dondola: A particularly curvy rocking chair designed by Pucci de Rossi features book storage areas under the seat. Archive: The Archive series from Danish design studio David Garcia examines the physical weight of information, and the relationship between books and humans.
Zelli and MiniZelli: These shelves are inspired by the zellige mosaics that designer Younes Duret remembers seeing on living room walls during his childhood in Morocco. Sinapsi: Sebastian Errazuriz's design is inspired by neurons receiving electrical and chemical impulses, a process he likens to bookshelves receiving books and absorbing them into their environment. Alex Johnson is part of the online team at Britain's Independent newspaper, and a few years ago he started a blog, Bookshelf, devoted entirely to how we store our books. In his just-published book Bookshelf, he celebrates the creative responses to the challenge of book display.

Tree Bookshelf: Designer Shawn Soh was inspired by childhood memories of sticking letters on tree branches.
The bookshelves that Johnson has found add another dimension to the whole archaeology of books and their place in the home. This concept behind the design came from Shawn’s early memories of sticking letters on tree branches.
Rather than using wood for the design, which involves a ton of cutting and wasting of trees, Shawn decided to use steel, which is durable and easy to recycle.
You know, the thing that has been around for more than a millennium — dead trees, covered in ink. Bookshelf is a riot of ingenuity and creativity, featuring works by designers from around the world, who have interpreted and reinterpreted the humble bookshelf. When our editors spotted this adorable Tree Bookshelf at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last week, we fell in love.

Each bookshelf takes one week to produce and every process including the welding and bending is done by hand. Just as the cobbler's children have the shoddiest shoes, my bookshelves and bookcases are spectacularly dull and straightforward," he says. Like many families who read a lot, we don't really have enough space for them all." Alex, there's a great book called Bookshelf. Nothing illustrates this as well as the incredible effort that goes into designing the space to store your books.

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