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This plan is your guide to making a simply beautiful table. This everyday table is modeled on Julia Child’s original kitchen table. Add vacuum press veneering to your woodworking skill set by building a bowfront cabinet that features a subtle curve on its flush front and a beautiful mix of cherry, Douglas fir, and cocobolo. Woodworker Jennifer Anderson designed the legs on this table with a pronounced taper that is wider at the top to echo the shape of the calla lilies that grow wild on the California coast.
The simplicity and grace of Shaker style has assured itself a place in history as a beloved example of authentic Americana.

You find this project a fitting showcase for fine tableware, collectibles, and your woodworking skills.
And no wood matches the durability and popularity of oak.That’s why we combined the two in this mortise-and-tenon-framed storage chest.
It is now on display at the Smithsonian where it so fascinated Mario Rodriguez that he created this plan for reproducing a similar version.
This wall cabinet might be small, but it’s chock-full of great techniques that open up a new world of woodworking.

With this printed plan, you can build a refined version of this iconic round stand that is as beautiful as it is practical.

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