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It seems that Excel only respects the ‘Lock aspect ratio’ check box when you manually change the measures on the format dialog box and doesn’t when you use the mouse to resize the object. Dashboard reporting with excel This e-book teaches you how to create your own Excel dashboard reports, starting from scratch.
Learn how to create mini-charts, how to use Excel's Camera tool, how to set up Excel databases, and a lot more.
Table Planning - the very phrase is enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone who has ever planned an event.
Get a room layout from your wedding reception venue early on (so you are clear on table sizes, no.

Run the macro and it shows you each remaining table in your current workbook and asks if you want to apply the same settings.
If you're a bride or groom planning your wedding, and you haven't gotten to that stage yet - be afraid, be very afraid.
Girls: it's traditional, but not essential, to alternate the seating to be male, female, male, female on a round table.
Gestalt is a set of rules based on research into perception psychology, and a very powerful tool for Excel table design. Or if Sean, h2b's boss and rabid Man Utd fan,was put at the same table as your cousin Michael who doesn't believe in "English sports".

Until they start to try to plan the tables and the endless permutations start to make a Rubik's cube look simple. This is a super little tool, which basically lets you upload your guest list (from your excel spreadsheet above), decide your floor layout (how many tables, seating however many guests) and play around with configurations by dragging and dropping guests until everyone is seated correctly.

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