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Your best bet is to give it a light sanding to remove as much of whatever that taupeish reside is, and get it to bare wood. I'm also not sure if that brown color around the spot is due to the chemical, or if that was in the wood originally. Here are some examples of stain colors that we have, and most of which you can find in small amounts. If you are able to, bring in a piece of the wood with you to the store so we can accurately assess the color.
While attempting to clean the floor, I accidentally stripped the top coat of the wood floor near the radiator.

If the wood is really worn down and not so shiny anymore, like it seems in the picture, than the satin sheen will work best for you. Lightly sand with a fine grit sandpapers (#150 - #220) so that the patched area is level with the surrounding wood.
The other exposed stair treads are all square, so I need a solution that allows for replacement of the chewed off portion.
It will take some time trying to match it perfectly, so have some stain rags handy to wipe with. The bedframe itself is more of the other walnut stain that minwax offers, I think its called special walnut.

I can live with this because the heardboard is smaller sized so it will not stick out much, but my girlfriend has already encouraged sanding down the bed and staining it the darker color instead.

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