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Designed for building small aircraft, this work table is built from easy-to-find materials and features simple yet rigid construction.
If you are looking for a mobile or small-space solution—or you want a secondary work surface to complement an existing bench—consider this idea from Woodsmith: a rolling tool cabinet outfitted with a solid top. A laminated maple top, bench dogs, and a bench vise make this a fitting centerpiece for any home workshop.

Purchase the full Simple-to-Build Workbench Woodworking Plan, including detailed diagrams and complete material list. The base is made of affordable dimensional lumber, with joints that are both glued and bolted, meaning this bench is not only a thrifty option, but a sturdy one, indeed. The top uses two sheets of laminated MDF, and the plan incorporates handy features like bench dog holes and a woodworking vise.

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